Wait for RuneScape Edgeville Rebuilding & Safecracking in Apr

The town that was once attacked, Runescape Edgeville will be rebuilt in April 2018 to reproduce the former glory. You will help clear rivers, fix buildings and sweep up the odd dead body, and gain some rewards for your efforts. Moreover, Safecracking will also be released this month.

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Rebuild the devastated town: RuneScape Edgeville

RuneScape Edgeville is a town at the border of the Wilderness, which will be rebuilt this month. After the update in April, if you talk to Mandrith who is located in Edgeville bank, he will get you clearing rivers, fixing buildings and sweeping up the odd dead body. You’ll get Farming, Construction, Magic, Prayer and Mining XP for your efforts, gain a dragonkin lamp, and unlock the chance of owning Effy, a floating ancient effigy pet, whenever you open dragonkin lamps and claim the final XP.

Before December 2007, RuneScape Edgeville was a very popular town for player killers, clans, and free-to-play players and traders. But it took a battering after Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and the appearance has been significantly altered. Hope the town will return to its old popularity after the rebuilding.

Safecracking RuneScape: expansion to Thieves’ Guild

Released in April, Safecracking will be an expansion to the Thieves’ Guild aimed at players with level 65-95 Thieving. You will gain experience while trying to open a safe, with a larger experience drop when successfully opening the safe. Doing so will have the chance to gain legendary items, which will act as Thieving perks that grant you experience and hanky points. New tiers of hanky point rewards will be added.

Rewards will include the ability to put a lockpick and stethoscope on the tool belt, as well as stun protection to prevent being stunned while thieving.

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