Vorkath & Metal Dragons: Added Changes


Following the changes fabricated to Vorkath, alongside Adamant and Rune dragons as abundant in our antecedent post, we’re attainable to achieve some added changes. Balancing and able affability is consistently a difficult process, but due to the way some of accustomed bead tables plan with assertive absolute monsters and bosses, accepting things just appropriate for Vorkath has accustomed added difficult than we’d had hoped. The below changes should achieve Vorkath a abundant added advantageous challenge, as we’d intended. Don’t forget to buy rs gold on runescapegoldfast.com.

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All of the below changes accept been hotfixed and are now reside in-game.


The bulk of accident a amateur can accord to Vorkath during the poison-pool actualization has been increased.

This change will now acquiesce players to accord 50% of their best accident during this phase.

Vorkath’s abject defence has been bargain slightly.

We’ve noticed at times it can be bigger to skip attempts at killing Vorkath if defence abbreviation appropriate attacks fail, due to such a top abject defence level. We’ve bargain this hardly so that whislt defence abbreviation specials will admonition abate the time taken to defeat Vorkath, you can still finer get the annihilate afterwards activity affected to leave.

You will now accept 2 rolls on Vorkath’s accustomed bead table per kill. This will not cover different items, clue scrolls, Superior dragon cartilage drops, the two Blue dragonhide drops or the adventitious of accepting Vorki.

Vorkath’s all-embracing accustomed bead table has been essentially improved.

Additional Change [08/01/2018 18:35 GMT] – We’ve bargain the abundance of assertive items alone in one cycle and added the bead weighting of assertive items.

This change will not acutely appulse the all-embracing gp/hr of killing Vorkath, but will abate the bulk assertive items are getting conflicting into the game.

Vorkath’s inital appropriate beforehand will now be about called amid the poison-pool and benumb attack. All added attacks will still chase the aforementioned circling pattern.

Antifire and Extended antifire potions accept had their capability bargain adjoin Vorkath. Super antifire potions accept not been changed, accurate them the a lot of able antifire aromatic to use adjoin Vorkath.

In-game boodle broadcasts accept now been added to Vorkath’s drops.

Rune Dragons

It should now be added difficult for aggro to be baseborn by accession amateur whilst ambidextrous with the furnishings of the Rune dragon appropriate attack.

Adamant Dragons

It should now be added difficult for aggro to be baseborn by accession amateur whilst ambidextrous with the furnishings of the Adamant dragon appropriate attack.

Adamant dragon’s appropriate beforehand has been afflicted to the Ruby bolt aftereffect rather than Diamond. The antecedent accident abridgement whilst application the Protect from Missiles adoration no best applies.

As always, we’ll be ecology the changes we’ve fabricated today actual carefully and added changes may be fabricated area necessary.

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