Runescape Gold Announces the truly amazing Turkey Hunt

Runescape Gold Announces the truly amazing Turkey Hunt
Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow by joining RuneScape with the Great Turkey Hunt of 2013. Jagex today announced holiday plans that could grant players that login between Thursday, November 28th, 2013 and Monday, December 2nd, 2013 a new turkey hat.

And also the festive new clothing, players must hunt and slay one of the numerous turkeys around RuneScape. Once slain, the tasty beast will drop raw turkey meat, drumsticks, along with holiday items.
RuneScape’s celebrations kick off however you like tomorrow while using Great Turkey Hunt of 2013.

To acquire players within the Thanksgiving mood, players should be able to bedeck themselves within a rather fetching turkey hat, that can be visible on logging in from Thursday 28th November to Monday 2nd December. Should they haven’t had their fill of turkey already, they’ll be competent to dig up a few of the thousands of turkeys roaming wild amongst gamers.

Once slain, the turkeys will drop enough delicious holiday items, including raw turkey meat and turkey drumsticks, for the feast for all those to take place across RuneScape. Furthermore, players that kill 25-plus turkeys will unlock a fabulously feathery turkey emote to use!

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