Predictions about RS 3 Gold Tickets

No one can deny that RuneFest 2011 was an absolute blast, gamers were all absolutely ecstatic about RuneFest 2012, until it had been canceled.

Have you been expecting the RS 3 Gold for 2013? It’s coming! Mod Mark and Mod Jane have announced the date and placement for Runefest 2013!

Jagex announced RuneFest 2013

Location: South-East England in the uk (Possibly London).
Time: 2nd of November 2013.

Mod Mark and Mod Jane also exposed that their team is actually planning and dealing on a little extra-special surprises for participants. Also, they’re pondering new, exciting ways for the whole community to get involved! RuneFest is back, and is particularly promised for being fantastic this time, just be ready to join!

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Cheap Runescape GoldVisiting iPad and several Android Devices from !

As is also officially announced, RuneScape 3 may come on July 22, all of which will represent a tremendous update to boost every part on the game, including Cheap Runescape Gold  graphics.

draw distance, audio and sheer scale! Yet, essentially the most primary change could be the game’s running from Java to HTML5, this also is what potentially allows Jagex to get to complete the ability besides desktop and laptop PCs, also to smartphones and tablets!

Should you player RS3 on cell phones? Would RS3 head over to iPad and Android devices? Just have the runescape 3 gold ready and let’s see!

Runescape 3 is due iPad plus some Android Devices!

When RuneScape 3 come last July 22, it’s going to work some Android devices, yet it won’t work no iPad or iPhone!

However the new and high technology of RS 3 Gold  is potentially suited to iOS browsers, those interface will be needing work improve so that you can offer an worth-having experience!