This is ask questions about RS3 in About the CampfireRunescape Powerleveling

Jagex has offered the playback quality of the responses to  Runescape Powerleveling a couple weeks ago’s questions of RuneScape 3 from your players on official website.

But it is possible to many members who may have some RS3 questions although not be answered. To make that several on the players’ questions are answered as is possible, Jagex holds a task: Throughout the Campfire Session.

It is possible to give the questions you have about RS3 underneath the thread and they will be answered by Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod Conor. If you decide to have missed to raise questions in the video, then you definitely really need to get the opportunity.

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The policies you must to obey and the prizes the winners could possibly get Cheap RS 3 Gold Safe

To make the campaign more organized and stay fair to  Cheap RS 3 Gold Safe each and every member, players who joined should obey this rules:

1. There ought to be no real-world political or religious reference;
2. Just about any plagiarism is forbidden, it must be your own work;
3. It should not a screenshot.
4. The deadline is 30th June 2013, so send work before the period; the minimum dimension  , and maximum dimension is 2 MB, the formats really should be jpg. png. Or gif.

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You will definately get 500 RuneCoins, feedback from one with the Runescape concept artists and Runescape concept art print which will be signed through the RS artists as awards if you are the winners!