Runscaepe Application Addendum this week


The afterward fixes and tweaks accept now been implemented. If you accept a change has not been documented, either in the application addendum or the account posts for this week’s update, amuse detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be abiding to abide a bug address should you appointment a gameplay bug or graphical annihilate in-game.

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Players no best lose their active with the Masquerade arch override if alteration genders with the makeover mage.

Skills, D&Ds and Minigames

Compacting teleport jewellery with a abounding account no best disconnects players.

It’s no best accessible to augment an already-augmented Sunspear (ranged).


The clickable breadth of the UI buttons aural the Main Interface Ribbon now includes the absoluteness of the button.

Multiple items with emotes are now banned in the Wilderness safe zone.

The Hefin Agility emotes are now banned in the Wilderness safe zone.

The Wilderness safe area west of the Black Knight Fortress now closes the customization tab.

Filled runepouches are no best tradable.

Players are no best able to teleport to Zanaris through bogie rings if accustomed Warband supplies.

Wilderness Apache Contracts no best bead to the attic during PvP combat.

Players can no best accouter bolts/arrows application the Tirannwn convulsion if they abridgement the akin requirements.

Combination aromatic furnishings are now accurately bisected if application the aromatic administration adeptness in a address apache group.


Cannons corrupt in instances which are no best accessible will not abstract players anymore.

The Illuminated Book of Wisdom is now coloured dejected like it’s un-illuminated version.

The Saradomin recolour of the God Books override now matches the new dejected colour of the Saradomin God Book.

Last week’s hotfixes

13/02, 12:06 UTC: Administration an actionbar absolute lodestone teleports no best displays the amiss advice and causes disconnections.

13/02, 16:18 UTC: Slide puzzles no best aftermath absent errors aloft aperture and completing.

13/02, 17:32 UTC: The ‘Predator’ Zodiac Festival assignment no best interferes with babble chat and causes it to unnecessarily close.

13/02, 17:32 UTC: Ironmen can no best accept Monkey trinkets and red envelopes.

14/02, 16:46 UTC: Players can no best affirmation aureate mining accouterments pieces from Diango after ahead owning them.

14/02, 16:46 UTC: Clan Iowerth’s pickpocketing lockout now accurately resets for all players.


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