Vorkath & Metal Dragons: Added Changes


Following the changes fabricated to Vorkath, alongside Adamant and Rune dragons as abundant in our antecedent post, we’re attainable to achieve some added changes. Balancing and able affability is consistently a difficult process, but due to the way some of accustomed bead tables plan with assertive absolute monsters and bosses, accepting things just appropriate for Vorkath has accustomed added difficult than we’d had hoped. The below changes should achieve Vorkath a abundant added advantageous challenge, as we’d intended. Don’t forget to buy rs gold on runescapegoldfast.com.

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All of the below changes accept been hotfixed and are now reside in-game.


The bulk of accident a amateur can accord to Vorkath during the poison-pool actualization has been increased.

This change will now acquiesce players to accord 50% of their best accident during this phase.

Vorkath’s abject defence has been bargain slightly.

We’ve noticed at times it can be bigger to skip attempts at killing Vorkath if defence abbreviation appropriate attacks fail, due to such a top abject defence level. We’ve bargain this hardly so that whislt defence abbreviation specials will admonition abate the time taken to defeat Vorkath, you can still finer get the annihilate afterwards activity affected to leave.

You will now accept 2 rolls on Vorkath’s accustomed bead table per kill. This will not cover different items, clue scrolls, Superior dragon cartilage drops, the two Blue dragonhide drops or the adventitious of accepting Vorki.

Vorkath’s all-embracing accustomed bead table has been essentially improved.

Additional Change [08/01/2018 18:35 GMT] – We’ve bargain the abundance of assertive items alone in one cycle and added the bead weighting of assertive items.

This change will not acutely appulse the all-embracing gp/hr of killing Vorkath, but will abate the bulk assertive items are getting conflicting into the game.

Vorkath’s inital appropriate beforehand will now be about called amid the poison-pool and benumb attack. All added attacks will still chase the aforementioned circling pattern.

Antifire and Extended antifire potions accept had their capability bargain adjoin Vorkath. Super antifire potions accept not been changed, accurate them the a lot of able antifire aromatic to use adjoin Vorkath.

In-game boodle broadcasts accept now been added to Vorkath’s drops.

Rune Dragons

It should now be added difficult for aggro to be baseborn by accession amateur whilst ambidextrous with the furnishings of the Rune dragon appropriate attack.

Adamant Dragons

It should now be added difficult for aggro to be baseborn by accession amateur whilst ambidextrous with the furnishings of the Adamant dragon appropriate attack.

Adamant dragon’s appropriate beforehand has been afflicted to the Ruby bolt aftereffect rather than Diamond. The antecedent accident abridgement whilst application the Protect from Missiles adoration no best applies.

As always, we’ll be ecology the changes we’ve fabricated today actual carefully and added changes may be fabricated area necessary.

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FIFA 18 admirers adapt Black Friday in-game acquirement boycott


Facing chump anger, Electronic Arts was afresh affected to abolish in-game purchases, aswell accepted as boodle crates, for Ablaze Wars Battlefront 2. Now the aggregation is ambidextrous with addition chump backlash, this time with its awful advantageous FIFA 18.

A chump advance alleged #FixFifa emerged this anniversary from admirers of the accepted soccer series. Posts, videos and accoutrement accept sprung up on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. A Change.org address has so far admiring added than 23,000 signatures.

Black Friday is usually a active time for FIFA players, with new appropriate packs getting offered in-game. But the #FixFifa advance is calling on players to avoid any new offers, and to authority aback on spending money in the game.

FIFA 18 Comfort Trade

The advance asks EA to fix a host of problems with FIFA, including annoying gameplay cheats, acclimation issues and glitches (fifacoin-buy.com offer FIFA Coins for Sale to FIFA players). But FIFA 18′s abundant accent on in-game purchases is alluring a lot of abrogating noise.

Like all contempo amateur in the series, FIFA 18 allows its users to acquire in-game bill in adjustment to actualize an “Ultimate Team” fabricated up of their admired players. This is a axial allotment of the game, but it can yield a austere time investment to attain top stars.

Many adopt to absorb absolute money on amateur packs in adjustment to advancement their teams, or to appoint in assisting trades. EA aswell organizes challenges and tournaments that can accomplish in-game currency. But some FIFA admirers say Ultimate Aggregation is advised to animate spending on packs, because of the massive time charge bare to accession currency.

FIFA YouTuber Goran Popovic acquaint a abundant certificate and video about the game’s issues. He told Polygon that the amount of hours appropriate to acquire a top soccer ablaze is prohibitive. The amount of a individual player, like Cristiano Ronaldo, adeptness calmly absorb hundreds of hours of play. Of course, soccer teams are fabricated up of 11 players additional substitutes. The time charge bare to actualize a abounding aggregation of stars is enormous.

Drop-rates for top players in FIFA 18 are not clearly released, but world-class stars are rare. Popovic said he and a acquaintance had spent $500 amid them, and accustomed alone one top player: a goalkeeper.

“I get that Ultimate Aggregation was advised to accomplish money for EA, lots of money. But the antithesis has confused from a acceptable bold with micro-transactions to one area you affectionate of charge to absorb money to save time, unless you’re cool advantageous or one of the greatest players.”

On Reddit, FIFA fan SSROCK categorical a account of demands basement #FixFifa. “The packs are absolutely [random] and accept abhorrent bead rates. You can either absorb $1.50 and get the best amateur in the game, or absorb accoutrements of dollars and get nothing. People with the best teams in the bold accept spent a whopping $8,000, which is absurd, abnormally for a anniversary game.”

In-game purchases are a above allotment of EA’s business model, as apparent in the company’s a lot of contempo banking statement.

“We saw a notable about-face to agenda in our sports titles and arresting advance in Ultimate Team,” said arch banking administrator Blake Jorgensen. “Our sports titles accept already afresh apparent their amount in carrying a abiding and dependable performance. They can drive our business and offers a window into how our amateur will advance over the months and years to come.”

Polygon has requested animadversion from EA.

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Runescape: Godswords


With the accession of the God Wars Dungeon, a new and able blazon of weapon had been alien for slayer, the Godsword. If potted, and application Piety, the accepted advance of a godsword is better, but a bit slower than a whip. There are 4 altered Godswords but one of them, the Saradomin Godsword (SGS) was accustomed as the Best for apache and one that could alter the allegation for Guthan’s. The appropriate of the SGS heals bisected of the accident dealt to HP and a division of the accident dealt to Prayer, with a minimum of 10 HP and 5 Adoration (granting you do at atomic 1 accident with your special).

This sounds amazing, and it is, until you apprehend that your specs don’t consistently hit and with anniversary blueprint application bisected the blueprint bar you accept a bound adventitious to alleviate or accident accepting to delay about at low HP for your blueprint bar to recharge.

With a lot of monsters this absolutely never airish a botheration about Nechryaels accepted abnormally arduous with their afterlife spawns and top damage. I alone absitively to advertise the Godsword and go aback to the approved and accurate Guthan’s. Thats not to say the SGS is bad, it just isn’t a backup for Guthan’s. You about will allegation to yield a set forth with you for the off adventitious that you allegation to heal. And if SGS can’t absolutely alter Guthan’s, afresh it isn’t account the top bulk just for the change of leeching Adoration points.

With time, the prices on the Godswords accept become added affordable. Paired with a summoning accustomed the Godsword has become a absolute backup for Guthan’s and is account a added attending if you can acquiesce it.

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Runescape Crafting Guides: Miscellaneous Crafting


When you annihilate a Mort Myre Snail in the Mort Myre swamp they will bead a shell. If you use a blade on the shell, you will be able to accomplish a snelm, which gives crafting experience. You can abrasion these snelms on your arch and appear in a array of shapes and sizes depending on the snail it came from.


The Shades of Mort’ton adventure brought Limestone brick crafting (best to buy more
07 Rs Gold when you training your Crafting). You would abundance limestone from rocks amid abreast the temple arch to Mort’ton, again use a blade on the limestone to get a limestone brick. There are aswell some limestone rocks in Tirannwn.

When you annihilate a Broodoo Victim in the Tai Bwo Wannai area, he will bead a mask, which you can about-face into a shield. The bouncer crave two bistered snake hides and eight nails each. Accept a bang in your account and use it on the absorber with the snake banknote and nails in your inventory.

During the Cold War quest, you are appropriate to body a clockwork penguin at your crafting coffer application a plank, a area of cottony and a clockwork mechanism.

Name                      Level                   XP

Snelms                   15                       32.5

Crab Claw               15                        32.5

Crab Helmet              15                        32.5

Limestone Bricks       20                        6

Clockwork Penguin   30                        15

Broodoo Shield             35                        100

Dye Origami Balloon        36                        10

Fold Origami Balloon 36                        35

Yak-hide legs               43                        32

Yak-hide body               46                        64

Fremennik Shield              56                        34

Polished Buttons               3                        5

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Runescaep Quests Guides: Afterlife Plateau


START LOCATION: Allege with Denulth, administrator of the Bouncer at the Burthope training ground.


Items: Any pickaxe

MONSTERS: The Map (level 2)

NPCS: Administrator Denulth, Dunstan, Freda, Sabbot



Speak to Denulth, amid south-east of the Burthope lodestone. He will acquaint you that trolls accept taken over the Afterlife Plateau and that they cannot be moved (please use code runescape3 for more free 07 Rs Gold. He aswell tells you about bedrock throwing trolls about the aisle arch up to the Plateau. The administrator wants you to acquisition an addition avenue to the Plateau, but aboriginal you accept to go and acquisition Sabbot the dwarf.


Go north-west from the Administrator and chase the aisle in the aforementioned direction, accomplished the tower, minigame area, and asleep trolls until you see a cave. There will be a alcove assurance on your minimap. Admission the cavern and allocution to Sabbot.

Death Plateau Sabbot Cave

Sabbot will not advice you because he feels it is not his problem. Acquaint him you will not move until he helps you, and afterwards he says “Fine!” acknowledgment the favour. The dwarf will realise you’re not traveling to move and accede to advice you.

Sabbot tells you that there are two agency to get to the Afterlife Plateau. The aboriginal is to advance to ascend over the rocks like some affectionate of absurd goat. The second, able way to get there is beneath the rocks by breaking into one of the accustomed caves in the areas. To apprentice added you’ll accept to acquisition Sabbot’s wife, Freda, who lives in the abode west of his cave.


Exit the cavern and chase the aisle west, afresh go south until you see Freda’s berth – go central and allocution to her. She tells you that, although there are cavern surveys, bodies tend to adopt advancing over rocks rather than to dig around. Freda promises to alpha the analysis if you fasten her advancing boots for her.

Death Plateau Freda


Freda tells you to go acquisition Dunstan, who can be activate in the cast boutique in arctic Burthorpe. Teleport to Burthorpe (you can use the home teleport spell) to save yourself some walking. Allocution to Dunstan and he will fasten the boots for you. Now go aback to Freda and allocution to her. She’ll yield aback the boots and accord you a survey. Apprehend it to see a map with an X appearance the atom breadth to dig in Sabbot’s cave.

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Go aback to Sabbot’s cavern and abundance the bedrock coffer on the west ancillary application your pickaxe. A alleyway will appear. Sabbot will accord you 5 aerial sandwiches if you admission it. Chase the aisle east and afresh south, alternating the activity obstacles – accomplished the braiding beat and pillars. There will be a cliffside far south. Ascend it and avenue through the hole.

Death Plateau Passage

You will acquisition yourself next to a akin 2 broadcast alleged “The Map” afterwards a abbreviate cutscene. Annihilate him and afresh address aback to Administrator Denulth.

Congratulations, chance completed!


Three accolade lamps acceding 100 XP each

Access to a repeatable accolade (see Tips & Tricks)

2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This chance is a affirmation for:

Eadgar’s Ruse

Troll Romance

Troll Stronghold


Commander Denulth can still use your advice afterwards the quest. Allocution to him to accept a crate of aliment to accompany to the Ambush Administrator at Ambush point (where you fought The Map). You will be adored with three accolade lamps. This assignment can be repeated.

When you admission Sabbot’s cavern afterwards commutual the quest, you will acquisition yourself in the cavern that captivated the activity obstacles. You will acquisition Ozan and Corporal Keymans in the cave, who ask for your advice angry the Trolls by killing their general. Accomplishing this will complete one of the Burthorpe/Taverley tasks.

If you completed this chance afore the 1st of February 2012, you can do the chance afresh for the three XP lamps and to alleviate the repeatable task. You will not get accession chance point, however.


Written by: Jaffy1

Special acknowledgment to: Eeveon, Ks Jeppe, Tapdawg, Vmser and wack246.

Thanks to: Beethovens29, Billy Beck9, bluehooloovo, Ellac, Howlin1, maskedhell, mryo1, Myrkrida, nenomator, pro skill3r, sunmann99, suzmcd, wackjack22, wraith1961, X3EN


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Poll to Decide Future RuneScape Mining & Smithing Update on 4 Sep.


Do you want to add some high-level RuneScape Mining & Smithing updates rather than the full rework? Jagex right now gives you a chance to decide the future content for Mining & Smithing. Read on to make your decision. Please remember to buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold.

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What is the new plan for the RuneScape Mining & Smithing Update?
For Jagex believes if they deliver the full rework on Mining & Smithing, they will spend much more time in tidying up everything that it breaks, like fixing slayer drops, rebalancing artisan’s workshop, and so on. And now they figure out a new plan, separating all the new rewards, mechanics, ores and so on from the rework out and releasing them earlier. And the new content contains new tiers of ore and gear for level 70+, useful high level armor, and a smithing “overload”-like item (a powerful unlock that is a reason to train the skill). these updates will largely benefit mid-to-high level players. What’s more, you will encounter the new content in a specific area, for example: a reworked mining guild, or artisan’s workshops etc.

What is the intended text of the poll?
They are going to poll on September 4. and the question is “Should we develop a high level Mining & Smithing update which brings all the 70+ benefits of the rework sooner, but delays the tidying up of old content?”.
Because it’s about the alternatives for an update, this poll will use a simple 50% threshold. Besides, they will change the poll according to your feedback before its voting.

What does the outcome mean?
If the majority choose Yes, they will begin to work on the high level Mining & Smithing update ASAP. On the contrary, if No wins, it’s quite possible that the full rework will be improved sooner, while the high level benefits will be added much later.

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