Mike Tomlin: Martavis Bryant not accessible via trade


The Pittsburgh Steelers abide to alarm Martavis Bryant’s bluff.

The receiver told ESPN’s Josina Anderson he capital out of Pittsburgh if the aggregation isn’t traveling to use him.

Coach Mike Tomlin, however, common the aggregation has no affairs to barter Bryant.

“We’ve invested a lot in Martavis aback we drafted him. He’s not accessible via trade. We’ve invested a lot,” Tomlin said.

Bryant has been balked with his abridgement of assembly aback abiding from a season-long abeyance endure year. The 25-year-old has 18 catches for 234 yards on 36 targets this season. He has apparent his arena time bargain anniversary of the accomplished two weeks. Bryant played just 34 snaps in Sunday’s win and tallied a accumulated three catches for 30 yards in Weeks 6 and 7.

The abridgement of assembly led Bryant to baste out on amusing media adjoin amateur receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster (in a column that has aback been deleted) and appeal a barter if his acceptance doesn’t increase.

Tomlin said he would allocution to the receiver about the amusing media posts. Bryant was not at affairs on Monday.

“We’ve covered a lot of ground,” Tomlin said. “It’s accessible that we still got added arena to awning with him because were accepting a chat about him that’s not football related. But we have, he’s done a lot in the aeon of time that he’s been actuality in agreement of improving, not alone as a amateur but as a man. But we still got a means to go. He was out of bound with some of his actions, in agreement of the things that he said on amusing media.”

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Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger appropriate during a radio hit on 93.7 The Fan on Tuesday that Bryant needs to allocution to him instead of application alfresco methods to articulation his frustration.

“Come allocution to your quarterback,” Roethlisberger said. “And that’s what I am saying. I don’t ambition to get too abundant complex because of him and I haven’t (spoken). Yesterday we had a absolutely continued chat over argument letters and things like that. He was cogent me about his frustrations and whatever and I told him, I said, and he told me he’s talked to the coaches or whatever, but the one affair you haven’t done is appear allocution to me. How can I advice you? Like amount out a way, a bold plan, that me as a quarterback I can allocution to you and advice you and maybe allocution through an affair you have. Whatever it may be, let’s amount this affair out together. Because he is a absolutely acceptable teammate. I apperceive it seems crazy and you guys may be rolling your eyes, but he is. He is a acceptable teammate. We’ve just got to allocution and amount this affair out.”

With Bryant authoritative $615,000 this year and $705,000 next season, the Steelers are in no bustle to abandon a amateur with aptitude as they break appear the postseason. Bryant told Anderson if he’s not traded, he would play out his arrangement in Pittsburgh with no affairs to re-sign. The Steelers and the receiver, however, accept added than a year to amount out their differences.

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‘Madden NFL 18′ offers aboriginal adventures for acclimatized video adventurous football vets.

Sports amateur are about looked at abnormally than abounding added genres. A lot of years, gamers pony up $60 for a adventitious to play with new aggregation rosters and new amateur ratings. This is absolutely authentic of the “Madden” franchise, but “Madden NFL 18″ break the acceptable aeon of sports amateur with casting new gameplay adventures that will advance the cast to new heights.

Madden NFL 18


There are years if “Madden” is good, and there are years if it isn’t. “Madden NFL 18″ doesn’t abatement into either category, because it is great. This year’s adventurous has done adept admirers of the authorization a huge annual by abacus new agency to play video adventurous football. It builds on the plan of the accomplished three iterations of the adventurous while abacus a accomplished new way to play “Madden.”


“Madden NFL 18″ adds a new single-player adventure admission alleged Longshot. Players are put into the role of Devin Wade, a quarterback from Texas with a checky past, as he and his acquaintance Colt try to accomplish it all the way to the NFL. EA Tiburon set the bar top for this new admission in “Madden” and even enlisted the admonition of Amy Hennig and the association at BioWare if it came time to advance the story.

Longshot ends up accepting about three and a bisected hours continued and appearance bags of environments and seamless transitions that accumulate players absent more. EA absolved no bulk on the assembly of the adventurous admission with Mahershala Ali arch a casting of articulation actors that aswell includes NFL Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino.

It isn’t the bulk of money that went into Longshot that matters; it is the actuality that it was a fun adventurous to play. Throughout the campaign, players accept to accomplish adventurous choices that matter. Those decisions appearance the aftereffect of the adventure with assorted win states. Amateur choices and achievement determines if Devin, Colt or both are drafted into the NFL.

The endure affair that absolutely stands out about Longshot compared to added adventure modes in sports amateur is the array of gameplay situations that keeps players absolutely immersed. The adventurous is a playable film, and abundant like Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted” or “Last of Us,” there are times if a gameplay artisan is alien that is alone acclimated already at one specific moment of the game. This akin of detail absolutely makes Longshot angle out aloft all added adventure modes in the sports adventurous genre. Players can even abide Devin’s career in Ultimate Aggregation or Authorization admission already they accept completed the journey. Longshot is a acceptable accession to the “Madden NFL” authorization and it will be absorbing to see how it influences all EA Sports titles for years to come.

New agency to play

Madden Ultimate Aggregation has become one of the a lot of played modes in the game, and EA Tiburon has added a new way to play with accompany alleged MUT Squads. This three-on-three online admission allows players to aggregation up with accompany adjoin internet opponents. Ceremony amateur has to accept a role: Abhorrent Captain, Arresting Captain or Arch Coach. Both captains yield over the corresponding play-calling during the game, but the Arch Drillmaster focuses on ambience the calendar afore amateur start. MUT Squads is a acceptable accession to the “Madden” authorization that brings calm the fun of multiplayer gameplay with the already accustomed Ultimate Aggregation framework.

Another air-conditioned featured added to “Madden NFL 18″ is the Play Now Reside mode. Players can jump into their admired team’s season. Afterwards commutual the game, players can abide on in Authorization admission with records, stats, and rosters absorption the complete NFL season. It is traveling to be a advantageous affection for ne’er-do-well Browns admirers that dream of a day that their aggregation will even accomplish it to the playoffs.

Improved gameplay mechanics

The development aggregation bigger the all-embracing gameplay acquaintance by tweaking some badly important aspects of authoritative players on the field. Accomplished iterations of the adventurous acquainted hardly asymmetric and unrealistic at times and EA Tiburon has addressed abounding of those problems with new tackles, added able appearance animations for swatting or intercepting the football, and bags of new abhorrent plays.

Two minute drill

Madden NFL 18” is one of the best “Madden” amateur I accept anytime played. It’s attainable to new players and offers aboriginal adventures for acclimatized video adventurous football vets. There are some years if “Madden” just doesn’t accept the appropriate feel, and I usually will be the aboriginal to acquaint association to authority off on affairs the game. But this is not one of those years. 2018 is coming, and “Madden” is accessible to accord you hours of alarming gameplay experiences.

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I know next to nothing about american sports. No, that’s a lie; I know absolutely nothing about american football.

Despite that though, I was still very excited to play Madden NFL ’18. I’ve never played a new Madden game before; never even been a little curious to play it. I don’t like activities. I especially don’t like sports which have been essentially foreign to me. At least regular basketball – sorry, soccer -I’m vaguely familiar with thanks to all the Sunday afternoons to be a kid when my dad would’ve the rumbling of Heavens Sports playing away around the TV.

Madden nfl 18

What drew me in order to Madden NFL ’18 however, was its inclusion of a story mode, Longshot. Longshot is a several to five hour expertise that follows Devin Sort, an NFL wannabe who gets signed up to and including new reality TV display – the eponymous ‘Longshot’. Longshot largely plays out in cutscenes. It feels rather being a Quantic Dream style story at times; you’ll occasionally have to create a choice or complete a simple time event, but for the majority of that time period, you’re sitting back, watching the story happen.

Warning: there are mild spoilers with regard to Longshot’s story past here!

It may sound just like a strange choice for the high-action sporting title, but Longshot’s pacing is the perfect accompaniment to all of those other game – and not to mention a very clever way to draw in new players that might not usually be thinking about NFL (me! ). The story mode isn’t completely new – Fifa ’17 started the trend last year, and going forward it’s something which I hope we see as standard.

Despite knowing nada regarding the subject matter, I absolutely loved Longshot. It’s a brilliantly come up with experience that, despite centring around basketball, is actually a quite touching tale of a friendly relationship, growing up, and coming to terms with the past. The story follows Devin, but along for every step from the way is his best ally Colt Cruise. The pair have been close friends since being children, and they both imagine being football stars. It’s not only Devin’s vacation, but Colt’s too, and seeing the pros and cons of their relationship play out on screen is incredibly moving.
Longshot opens with a flashback scene of a very young Devin along with Colt playing football inside garden with Colt’s pops. Instantly, we know these boys have a close bond. It sets up the actual scene for steadily revealing a bit more about Devin’s past: soon, we learn his dad, who’d raised him by simply himself, died in an incident. Devin threw away their budding football career seeing that he couldn’t handle the actual grief. Longshot sees him handle that part of his past he’s never quite pertains to terms with. While we’re not most wannabe football stars, we have all managed grief in some way, and Longshot’s portrayal of these very real emotions will be commendable.

Also commendable is the actual brilliant friendship between Devin as well as Colt. It’s not always hanging around, but the frequent personality building scenes where we understand the two sharing in cracks, passing light banter between the two or even singing combined with the car radio are pretty much perfect. JR Lemon, who plays Devin, and Scott Porter, who plays Colt, do an incredible job of bringing those two men to life. Their characters bounce off the other perfectly, just like any two close friends would. It’s the small highlites, unrelated to the overarching story that make all the difference: the pair singing alongside to Miley Cyrus’ This Climb while driving in the car; the friendly – and adorable – way the pair call 1 another ‘baby’. It’s rare for characters within a video game to experience so real; it’s even rarer to discover that in a sporting activities game, of all things.
Of course, it isn’t all regarding Devin’s past or the relationship with Colt. There’s a lot of football matters for attending, too. You’ll have to play a number of basic games, learn a few simple rules and come to know some terminology as Devin is suffering from his paces included in the Longshot training. I jumped in without knowing anything, and while it provided a superb introduction to the sport, my inadequacies certainly shaped Devin’s experience with the worse. Your performance in video games of football – together with other choices you make during the entire game – is rated, and your overall performance ultimately affects the actual end result of the story… or perhaps, at least, it’s meant to. I did pretty horribly throughout when it reached answering questions on FOOTBALL trivia and performing throughout matches, but still, Devin got where he wanted to be in the end.

If you enjoy united states football, then you’ll probably have more out of Longshot when compared with someone who doesn’t. But even if you know absolutely nothing about NFL planning, Longshot is so beautifully crafted that you’ll get becoming more intrigued by the game as you continue on. Sure, I played to stick to the story of Devin in addition to Colt, who I quickly became attached with, but it’s also made me desire to jump in and participate in some Madden for authentic. Longshot isn’t perfect, but it feels damn close to any story-driven AAA game – and to get a tacked-on story mode, that’s quite a feat.
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